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Acme Mini City 47 Whistle —  The Classic Ladies Metropolitan (Bobbys) Whistle/ City Whistle used by the Police Force in the United Kingdom. Nickel plated brass. High quality. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse or hang on your keychain or neck for security. Ideal for hiking, climbing, walking, outdoor sports, or jaunting around the city.

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Acme Whistles | Birmingham, UK | Est. 1870

Over the five generations of family that have since helmed the Birmingham UK-based whistle manufacturer; not one has let anything be lost. 83 models of whistles later, the working men’s club supporting a local orphanage still survives, as does the brand’s sterling reputation. Standard issue for British infantry in both world wars British police, tram conductors, and emergency responders. Still produced in the original 28K SF factory —  old, Victorian equipment and new, soldering and molding equipment, side by side.

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