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3 tier Tiffin Lunch Box


The tiffin food carrier is an ingenious system of stacking stainless steel containers used as lunchboxes by millions of people everyday in India and south Asia. Developed in India over 200 years ago, tiffin’s are simple to use and feature a sleek, modern style. To use, fill each container with fruit, salad, sandwiches, veggies and snacks. Stack the containers on top of each other and close the clasp. The 3-tier belly design is perfect for snacks, commuters, picnics and camping. Put salad on one tier, nuts and fruit on the next tier etc. Food safe stainless steel construction makes for easy transportation of snacks and a great alternative to wasteful plastic baggies. Overall tiffin size is 5.5-inch diameter by 8.5-inch height. Three tier dimensions are: 4.125 by 1.75-inches tall, 5 by 2.125-inch, 5.5 by 2.375-inch.

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Rome Industries | Peoria, Illinois, USA | Est. 1964

A 3-generation family business determinedly dedicated to the singular craft of campire cooking — plus firepits, bbq, sundials, and garden decor — Rome Industries has provided innovated and fun campfire cookware for outdoor living for over 6 decades. With roots in Peoria, Illinois, and the pie iron behind the folkloric “úpudgie piein the O’Russa family has steadily and steadfastly expanded the footprint of Rome’s products as far as Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Scandinavia, UK, Ireland & Continental Europe.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 8.5 in