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Sanger’s Goatskin Gloves are made of soft-to-the-touch but tough, durable goatskin. Beyond-comfortable to wear, they adapt smoothly to every movement of the hand. Ideal for cold weather and resistant to thorns. Design completely made of goatskin leather is strong and supple, easy to take on or off — without risk of slipping off — and features elastic at the back of the hand for adaptable fit as you move and contort your hand. Sanger’s gloves give you the feeling of wearing a second, protective skin on your hands. They are lighter, extremely breathable, and protective.
Sanger produces their gloves utilizing recycled, purified wastewater, carbon-neutral energy use, and FSC-compliant sustainable foresting practices. Sanger is your reliable and competent partner for all-purpose gloves, with more than 34 years of experience sustainably producing gloves for a wide range of applications. We produce the gloves ourselves — beginning with the operation of latex plantations from which the natural rubber is sourced and the mills where yarn is produced and dyed. Our quality management starts with the environmentally-friendly harvest, meticulous manufacturing and quality control practices, which is maintained in every production stage, up to the distribution of the gloves.

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Sanger | Schrozberg, Germany | Est. 1983

Founded in 1983 by the couple Sanger, Sanger GmbH is headquartered in Schrozberg, Baden-Wurttemberg with raw material plants in Germany and Asia. Thanks to a vertically-integrated supply chain from raw material to final production of consumer goods, Sanger products come out of one hand with clinical precision and quality control. Sanger is known worldwide for reliable, German-made homecare, personal care, and medical-grade cleaning supplies & products.

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