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6 oz Twin Pack Bottles


A beautiful twin-pack gift box containing two 6oz Baby Quoddle glass bottles. Baby Quoddle 150ml bottles are the perfect size for newborns. The teats and covers are interchangeable with the 300ml Baby Quoddle bottles. Hand blown glass with etched logo and measurement markings, which means the bottles do not contain any toxins. Teats and covers are made from natural rubber which is softer than silicone. The softness of natural rubber feels more natural for babies. Each bottle comes with a slow flow teat which is suitable for a newborn. We also sell spare teats and covers separately in slow flow and medium flow.
Safety Note:The bottle has a negative pressure release valve. Whilst feeding your baby please ensure this is clear of baby’s mouth. Position clear and to the side.Glass baby bottles need direct supervision at all times.
Care Instructions: It is most import that the rubber teats and cap be cared for as per instructions. The rubber is all natural and cannot be exposed to heat. The teats should be washed in soapy water and then can be placed in Milton solution for the required time and removed from solution and stored in a container somewhere cool. They should never be left in solution for long period or rubber will be damaged.

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Baby Quoddle | Cairns, Australia | Est. 2013

Founder Kim Ponting’s ultimate vision was to provide her own babies a natural start with bottle-feeding. Thereafter, it because her mission to foster style and choices in urban parenting via a healthier, natural alternative to the baby bottle status quo. Baby Quoddle bottles are made from "Brasiliensis Hevea" rubber and borosilicate hand blown glass the highest quality components that we could source. With the increased awareness of allergies and childhood illnesses our bottle is an alternative for parents with similar concerns. Wanting to provide parents a choice of a high quality alternative, the Baby Quoddle’s meticulous design is superior to plastic and silicone bottles in every which way; including the fact that the teats are softer than silicone, and are very hygienic because they are moulded in one piece without joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

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