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Handyaid Jar Opener


Open and tighten stubborn jars with ease. Made from a rubber material that provides traction while shielding your hands from rough and sharp surfaces. Just hold firmly between your hand and lid & twist. Also can be used as a non skid pad on boats or RV & can be easily cut to size should you want to customize to fit as needed.

Made in the USA

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About the Merchant

Handyaid | Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA | Est. 1941
The Handyaid was originally designed and patented in Reading, Vermont in 1941. After recognizing it’s usefulness and potential, my parents purchased the company in 1972 and managed it for over 40 years. The patented design has remained unchanged since 1941, a testament to how innovative and purposeful the original design was. The material and color were changed in 2014, no longer made of rubber, but a stronger plastic material to improve the gripping action. Bright yellow makes it stand out in your kitchen drawer, easier to spot for a quick use! Changing the material also allowed it to remain a proudly 100% Made in the the USA, manufactured for years in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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