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This beloved kale variety is the sweetest of them all. The black and green foliage of this plant is nearly reptilian: deeply hued, rippled, and tough. Despite its rough appearance, it is extremely sweet & tender- a metaphor for the Hudson Valley Seed Company’s old dog, Kale. It was also Kale’s favorite brassica, as it is for gardeners worldwide, who have given it many names: Lacinato, Cavolo Nero, Tuscan Kale, Palm Tree Kale, and Dinosaur Kale. A consistent long season garden companion, Dino Kale will never go extinct as long as you grow it each year. While it isn’t quite as cold hardy as its kale cousins, it usually survives most of the winter under a blanket of row cover and snow. The seed that was sourced for this particular kale variety was selected after trialing several other sources, and was chosen for the hardiness, vigor, and broad leaves. Use mature leaves in salads if marinated in an acidic dressing. The flavor is great in pasta dishes, or alone with garlic and olive oil. Certified organic. Non-GMO, open pollinated seeds. Seed count: 100. Artwork by: Michael Truckpile
Growing: Direct sow Dino Kale about a month before the last frost. Or, sow under protection 8 weeks earlier, then transplant about a month before the last frost. For a young, tender fall crop, so 3-4 months before first fall frost. Avoid planting at edge of garden, as slugs love kale & will creep in for nightly dining. Harvest a handful of individual outer leaves from each plant; mature plants will be ready for another harvest in a few days.

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