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Oiled maple wood brush rack for hanging kitchen brushes for dishes & cooking. A place for everything and everything it its place. With all of the ingenious (and lovely) brushes, useful (and lovely) tools, and miscellaneous (and lovely) items we find ourselves accumulating, we need a place to keep them. This elegant Scandinavian brushrack is just the thing. Hand-crafted in Sweden from oiled maple wood, with peg widths and lengths specifically designed to fit Iris Hantverk’s arsenal of specialized brushes and scrubbers, this is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Extra pegs fit into the mounting holes to keep whatever screws you choose to use out of sight.

Size: 48.5 cm / 19 in long, 5 cm / 2 in wide, 8.5 cm / 3.3 in tall

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About the Merchant

A brush rack made of oil-treated maple wood for hanging brushes or tools. Use it in the kitchen for dish brushes or cooking tools, or else in the utility closet for cleaning brushes and dusters.

Materials: oil-treated maple

Made in Sweden

Specifications: 19"x 3.3" x 2"

Iris Hantverk | Stockholm, Sweden | Est. 1870

Since 1889 Iris Hantverk brushes are hand-made by master craftsmen, utilizing Environmentally & socially sustainable FSC-certified Swedish hardwoods with animal hair & plant fiber bristle brushes. Devoted to quality + craft, their artisans make the brushes according to age-old Swedish traditions. Further, with a commitment to equal opportunity employment, 6 of their 17 master craftsmen are visually impaired + they regularly train + hire the visually disabled to craft their brushes and cognitively disabled to create their breadboxes as full-time, paid employees & apprentices alongside their expert craftsmen.

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Weight 9.6 oz
Dimensions 19.1 × 1.965 × 3.4 in