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Black Pour Over Kettle


Unmistakable design & gooseneck precision spout that allows you to control the pouring. Easy to open hinging lid allows for single handed pour. Wide opening for easy cleaning. Pour over kettle is designed to make coffee brewing a sensory experience. Every element is designed to make the user’s experience stress free & pleasurable, including the spout for precise pour over control. A comfortably fitted handle for smooth pouring until the last drop. With rich texture & poised form, it’s presence is understated, yet captivating. Measures 5.5 inches tall x 9 inches in diameter. Holds 30.6 fluid ounces. Made in Japan.
Direct fire & dishwasher safe. Stainless steel handle, do not use in microwave. Use oven mitt to hold, as handle will be hot. Adjust flame so it does not exceed kettles bottom to avoid deterioration & deformation of handle. Immediately wash & dry well after use to prevent rusting.

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Weight 30.6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4.5 × 6 in