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Perfect for the gardener in your life, clean flower pots and prepare ceramic and terracotta pots for new growth quickly and easily. Best for cleaning a variety of flower pots or for everyday cleaning around the yard, this brush is perfectly suited for cleaning filth easily. The unique shape of this brush allows you to effortlessly remove the remains of old soil from flower pots and the rounded head fits easily inside pots. Strong palmyra fiber bristles loosen up built-up dirt and plant material and stiff plant fiber bristles retain shape well. Ideal for scrubbing brushes, these bristles work well wet or dry and aid in replanting, repotting or reusing containers. The handle of this brush is made from all-natural oiled beechwood that is beautiful, durable enough for regular use and complemented with palmyra fiber bristles. Palmyra fiber is, like all plant fibers, wet-resistant and is used mainly for street-sweeping brooms. For maintenance, rinse bristles with water and towel blot to remove excess moisture. Air dry with bristles facing down to prevent damage to wooden handle. Do not soak handle. Hand-crafted from oiled beechwood, bassine fiber. Made in Germany. Brush measures 10 inches long.

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This natural fiber brush is designed to remove dirt and root remnants from the inside of plant pots. Hang it by your potting bench or keep it in the garden shed. The leather hanging loop keeps it within reach and easy to find when it's time to do some planting!

Materials: oiled beechwood and bassine fiber

Burstenhaus Redecker | Versmold, Germany | Est. 1935

The first handcrafted Burstenhaus Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. Today, the name Burstenhaus Redeckers stands as it has for many years for an ideal combination of natural quality, function, and design. It lives from the blend of inventiveness, sound craftsmanship, and creativity. Handcrafted in Germany, Burstenhaus Redecker products are made of domestic, natural, sustainable wood, bristles, hairs, and plant fibers. Steeped in tradition, Redecker is synonymous with time-tested quality.

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