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Enamel Skimmer White 3”


Radiant white is beautiful in every kitchen, whether as a pot, casserole, Schnabel pot, (vegetable) sieve, scoop or skimmer. The skimmer is ideal for easy removal and skimming while cooking, stewing… Thanks to the hanging loop, the kitchen helper can be hung on the matching spoon plate. Enamel dishes with flare or stainless pouring rim. Guaranteed fast heating of the food. Universal hobs suitability: induction, glass ceramic, electric stove, gas stove, roasting pan. Easy cleaning + Tasteless.
Universal hobs suitability: induction, glass ceramic

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About the Merchant

Riess | Ybbsitz, Austria | Est. 1550

Informally operated as a family busines since the mid-1500’s, Riess formally incorporated in the early 1800’s, eventually beginning production of the enamelware with which they are now synonymous in 1922. Since then, Riess has operated as a family-owned producer of specialty, hand-crafted enamelware in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel —  with a carbon-neutral footprint thanks to hydropower from the Ybbs river. Over 9 generations, the Riess family has produced top-quality enamel cookware and bakeware conducive to aroma-neutral, energy-saving and healthy cooking, baking and storage. Long-lasting, heat-resistant up to 450 degrees C, non-reactive, anti-bacterial, sratch resistant + fully metal recyclable, to boot.