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Small Yellow Rubber Hot Water Bottle, .8L


No home should be without a classic hot water bottle. Ours is just like the one you remember as a child, only better. This mini bottle holds 0.8L of hot water and is a perfect size for children. Naturally derived from natural raw materials. The rubber is ethically sourced by tapping raw latex from a rubber tree & processed into natural rubber. Natural rubber will decompose over many many years & return to the cycle of nature, unlike its plastic and electric competitors. This mainstay has many uses from providing hours of warmth, soothing cramps, muscle tensions & stiffness, to easing swelling. Eases arthritis, stress reduction & cold feet.

Sanger’s technically re-developed hot water bottle is constructed from a single piece of rubber with no bonded seams or edges. The neckpiece is now molded integrally with the bottle’s walls, instead of being bonded, which truly makes the Sanger rubber hot water bottle durable, safe, and water-tight. Heat lasts up to 8 hours. Highly durable, as it’s constructed from a single piece of rubber with a strong seal/gasket. Ribbed sides emit the heat slower. Warmth lasts up to 10 hours.

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Sanger | Schrozberg, Germany | Est. 1983

Founded in 1983 by the couple Sanger, Sanger GmbH is headquartered in Schrozberg, Baden-Wurttemberg with raw material plants in Germany and Asia. Thanks to a vertically-integrated supply chain from raw material to final production of consumer goods, Sanger products come out of one hand with clinical precision and quality control. Sanger is known worldwide for reliable, German-made homecare, personal care, and medical-grade cleaning supplies & products

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