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Large Paper Star


The name Eldig is Swedish for ‘fiery’ and refers to the flame-like appearance of this paper star from Swedish brand Watt & Veke. Delivered in a gift box, perfect for storage to keep the star in good condition year after year. The star is beautiful with or without lighting. Any standard cable will fit, but is not included in the package.
Diameter cm 52
Cable with bulb socket sold separately, light bulb not included
Width cm 19

In stock

About the Merchant

This handmade paper star gives a beautiful & cozy feel to the room. Perfect for a more serene, Scandinavian winter season. This star can be opened up & folded back down season after season, taking up minimal storage space. Use it for the holiday season, or all year round. A simple corded plug in light bulb can also be added to illuminate the star.


Made in Sweden