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Helena 14cm Tall Pot & Saucer Rosa


Clay pearling along Helena’s top edge gives this pot a soft & classic look. Italian potter, Robert Rosso, took inspiration from Ancient Greek designs & created the Helena Pot which was popular throughout the 1800’s.

These terracotta pots are designed in Denmark & handmade in Italy by Bergs Potter. These containers are indoor & outdoor, as the clay is fired at a very high temperature, giving the pots strength & a silicone treatment makes the saucers completely waterproof. The high density of the clay makes the pots frost resistant. A saucer is included with each pot.

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Unglazed terracotta pot & saucer.

Pot: H 7.5”x W 6”

Berg's Potter | Denmark-Designed, Tuscany-Made | Est. 1942

Timeless, terracotta pots built to last; fully waterproof, for use inside or out. These timeless pots originated in 1860 in Copenhagen, Denmark and are now handcrafted in a small village in Italy using the finest Tuscan clay — fired at very high temperatures, giving the pots a natural strength. Superior clay holds in the optimal moisture for plants to thrive, and proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe. Available in myriad signature styles, sizes, and two timeless, neutral colors: rosa, and gray — each in step with the aesthetics of Scandinavian design.