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American Deluxe Cotton Hammock


American Deluxe Hammock, extra-wide 4.59 ft, the classic American Style hammock — ideal for being used in a garden, share it with your couple and children thanks to its flat and steady bed, made with cotton in a natural color, beautiful decorations on each side. Our best selling hammock with wooden bars, completely handmade, beautiful edges. Ideal for a couple. it’s not only comfortable, it adds an elegant decorative flourish to any space. Supports up to 880 LB, with 4.59 FT of width that makes it the widest in its class. The hammock bed is handmade with 100% soft cotton. Comes with cotton bag for easy storage and pair of ropes for suspension.
Cielo Hammocks is a socially driven organization manufacturing and distributing fair-trade, handmade hammocks and around the world. Handmade in Mexico by female artisans.

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About the Merchant

Cielo Hamacas | Yucatan, Mexico | Est. 2003

Partnering with female hand-weavers in Yucatan, Mexico, Cielo is a socially-conscious hammock vendor, with the foremost mission is to alleviate poverty, promote gender equality within the household, and inspire social entrepreneurship that empowers underserved communities and their women. They are the only Fair Trade and B Corp Certified Hammock in the world. Women in our network weave hammocks in their spare time from home to supplement their family income whilst continuing to care for their children.

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Weight 224 oz
Dimensions 60 × 8 × 8 in