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Large Recycled Cotton Cleaning Cloth


Nice, thick cloth for cleaning and wet drying floors, made from 100% recycled woven cotton. Also functions great as a shower or bath mat. The soft, supple, and strong long-staple 100% cotton fibers of this substantial dish cloth are woven in a classic waffle weave (also known as honeycomb fabric), a traditional stitch specifically designed to give the individual fibers enough room to absorb the maximum amount of liquid and enough air flow between warp and weft to allow the cloth dry quickly. Perfect for heavy lifting in the kitchen, the heft of the cloth also gives it enough chutzpah to do some serious scrubbing. While highly-utile, it’s also pretty enough to decoratively drape it over a pie or hang in the guest bathroom.

Size: 59 cm / 23 in long, 47.5 cm / 19 in wide

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in