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Genuine Marseille Soap, Plant Based, 300G Cube


French for horseshoe, Fer a Chevalier was founded in an era when it was customary to choose names associated with good luck. It worked, Fer a Chevalier has been operating since 1856 and is now the oldest soap company in Marseille, France. They continue to use traditional age old methods, cooking their soaps in cauldrons, the same recipe & practice for over a century. Four simple ingredients are used: sea water, vegetable oil, ash & lye. Hypoallergenic, certified organic. No preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fat.

No palm oil.

Biodegradable & environmentally friendly. It represents an ecological alternative to chemicals found in most skincare & housekeeping products.

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Savonnerie Fer a Cheval | Marseille, France | Est. 1856

Vegetable oil, soda, salt & water: the 162-year-old, 4-ingredient soap beloved throughout France. In 19th century Marseille, hundreds of mom & pop manufacturers produced the town's iconic product — soap. Toay, Fer a Cheval remains the oldest Marseille soap factory to perpetuate its production using the age-old, 4-ingredient, 5-step recipe. The week-long process begins in a cauldron and ends with a taste test by a master soap maker. Their signature soap is pure, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and economical.

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