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Liquid Black Soap, Olive Oil, 1L


The liquid black soap is an economical and multi-use cleaner; a little dose is enough to thoroughly clean, degrease, nourish and polish all kinds of interior or exterior surfaces. It can also be used to wash laundry and to remove difficult stains on clothes or linen. Formulated from olive oil, and without any conservatives, dyes or fragrance, it is an environmentally-friendly detergent. A vegetable based cleanser that removes stubborn stains & grease. Formulated from olive oil. Multi-use cleanser for household surfaces, floors, laundry & garden.
Floor surfaces (tiles, terracotta, wood floors, plastic coating): Mix 2 TBSP of soap with 5L (1.3 gallons) water, clean & air dry. Garden: Avoid green flies by mixing 5 TBSP of soap with 1L (4 cups) into a spray bottle & spray directly onto plats & flowers. Laundry: Use 3 TBSP in the detergent dispenser of your machine. For best use, regularly pour a glass of white vinegar into fabric softener compartment. Stains: Apply 1TSP & thoroughly scrub the stain. Let it rest for a few minutes before placing in washing machine or washing by hand.

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Savonnerie Fer a Cheval | Marseille, France | Est. 1856
Vegetable oil, soda, salt & water: the 162-year-old, 4-ingredient soap beloved throughout France. In 19th century Marseille, hundreds of mom & pop manufacturers produced the town’s iconic product — soap. Toay, Fer a Cheval remains the oldest Marseille soap factory to perpetuate its production using the age-old, 4-ingredient, 5-step recipe. The week-long process begins in a cauldron and ends with a taste test by a master soap maker. Their signature soap is pure, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and economical.

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