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Merlot Lettuce


Deep purple-red leaves with delightful earthy flavor. Looking for that perfect lettuc to compliment a rich autumn feast? In Merlot, you’ll find deep garnet hues with a brilliant sparkle. The rich, earthy earthy flavor belies a distinct nose of black cherry with herbaceous undertones. Fresh and full bodied and cloaked in a subtle, ruffled velvet robe, Merlot’S mouth feel delights. It’s well structured, supple, and smooth. A deep purple beauty, this recent vintage is sure to please the whole table. This merlot does not improve with age, harvest young! Certified organic. Non-GMO, open pollinated seeds. Seed count: 250. Artwork by: Bayla Laks
Growing: Sow indoors beginning 8-10 weeks before last frost, or direct sow beginning bout 4 weeks before last frost. Harvest late spring and summer showings promptly to beat bolting. Continue sowing until about 2 weeks before first fall frost. Lettuce lies steady (but not excessive) moisture and can become prematurely bitter during dry spells; keep irrigated for best tasting leaves. Harvest at baby stage when leaves are 3in high, or at maturity. Merlot is an open lettuce, harvest mature heads when full and frilly.

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