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A soybean adapted in the Northeast. The elusive black panther, a rarity in the wilds of Asia, has reportedly extended its territory to Upstate New York. It’s existence was confirmed at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture by fearless farmer Jack Algiere. It was Jack, in fact, who kept this rare breed alive; it had disappeared from the wilds of the seed trade. He gifted a few precious specimens to Hudson Valley Seed Co in 2010, and they’ve let it prowl around the Northeast for a while. Now it’s your chance to give Panther a home in your own garden sanctuary. These beans are bright green with a hint of purple when at the ripe green edamame stage, and then mature to deep black when dry. Any color in the fresh beans fades when cooking. If you’ve never grown soybeans in your garden before, it’s worth a shot: in addition to fixing nitrogen & yielding tasty beans, the plants sport velvety green leaves that are very attractive. Certified organic. Non-GMO, open pollinated seed. Seed count: 50. Artwork by: Jessica McGuirl
Growing: Sow after frost, once soil has warmed, spaced at 6-12in. Plants grow about 0-36in in height. Harvest the entire crop at once, when you see the first hint of yellow in the pods. Steam the whole batch & freeze any extra, shelled or left in the pod to shell after defrost.

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Hudson Valley Seed Company | Accord, New York, USA | Est. 2004
Hudson Valley Seed Company is committed to growing organically, sourcing locally and sustainably, and preserving crop diversity by selecting unique, rare, and hard-to-find varieties. A values-driven seed farm celebrating responsible seed production and stewardship from the grounds of their certified organic farm in upstate New York where they produce heirloom and open-pollinated garden seeds, paired w/ beautiful garden-themed contemporary art-adorned packaging to stoke your horticultural imagination. We exclusively stock these limited release “Art Packs.”

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