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Summer Sunrise Tomato


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This variety was a gift from Seed Savers Exchange member Bill Minkey in 2013 out of a desire to see it in wider circulation, and we whole-heartily agree. This potato-leaf dwarf variety yields big quantities of medium-sized pale yellow fruits with a pink star-burst. The excitement doesn't stop there though-the flavor is incredible, tart, sweet, and full. We love what this variety can offer to those with limited growing space! When planted in ground, plants can reach 4' high; in containers about 42". Some staking recommended since the plants get so heavily loaded with fruits. For best production in containers, transplant 1 plant per 5 gallon container in fresh, nutrient-rich soil. Give an extra nutrient boost at flowering to help plants stay vigorous.
Summer Sunrise Tomato is a product of the collaborative Dwarf Tomato Project , a tomato breeding group with teams based in New South Wales, Australia and North Carolina. The project aims to breed great tasting, interesting, open-pollinated dwarf varieties. With both teams, they were able to halve the time required for tomato breeding and focused their efforts on creating small plants with big flavor. Summer Sunrise is one of their best.

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