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Pelle Longue Board


This Large Wooden Aperitif Board is suitable for table service and perfect for sharing a gourmet moment with friends. Its length allows you to place it in the center of the table so that everyone can enjoy your culinary preparations. This serving board —  equally suitable for holding several wine glasses or as a presentation board for charcuterie or appetizers —  was designed in response to a personal experience. We’ve all been there, those stand-up cocktails and buffets when you don’t always master the art of juggling with the nibbles being offered to you while holding a glass in your hand — without running the risk of staining yourself with one while spilling the other all over you. Those sometimes perilous moments of hesitation, your eyes hungrily or thirstily feasting on two sources of pleasure that should be enjoyed together.
Each piece of the Le Regal collection is stamped in the manner of a vintage specifying the origin of the wood and its year of manufacture. Hand-crafted French Oak Aperitif board. Vintage-stamped, indicating the year of manufacture and the origin of the wood. Treated with grape seed oil. Le Regal has adopted a sustainable development strategy that respects the entire forest-wood chain. By sourcing its raw materials locally, all Le Regal woods are selected with the greatest care, in line with rigorous criteria in terms of quality, traceability and sustainable management of the French forest.

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Le Regal | Torfou, France | Est. 1971

It is only natural that Le Regal should draw on the heritage of this century-old brand. Back in 1906, the Torfou site manufactured canned vegetables, not just the containers, but also the contents — farm to table before it came fashionable. Baudry, a furniture manufacturer boasting a 45-year history in the shaping and machining of wood with due respect for the material without every skimping on style, then purchased the plan launching Le Regal kitchenware and Tableware. The Wooden utensils with a unique and eco-friendly design to share that French loved of great food with others. The idea is to offer you a kitchenware and tableware range that is aesthetic yet practical, built around values, well thought out and that draws on its past to embrace a future mindful of human and natural resources. The Oak species from which the solid wood chopping and tasting boards are made are selected for their sustainability and durability, respecting both the environment and end-user.

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Dimensions 31.4 × 5.9 × 1.5 in