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Tencel/Linen White Fabric


This is a beautifully versatile cloth that works for so many of Merchant & Mills patterns, it has a soft fluid drape with a matte finish. The small amount of linen gives the fabric more body & a slightly slubby finish. It also makes it easier to work with! Suitable for dresses, tops, trousers & even lightweight jackets. Perfect for the Tee Shirt & Factory patterns.
Tencel is a cellulose fiber, which like rayon is made by dissolving wood pulp. It is durable, resistant to wrinkles & has the silkiest drape to handle. It has excellent natural breathability it’s 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton. Making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin. It is also antibacterial & thermoregulating. Oeko-Tex certified. 6% shrinkage with first wash. Wash on cool/delicate with a gentle spin. Do not tumble dry. Shake out & lay flat to dry.
Eco credentials: The process of Tencel production ameliorates much of its own environmental effects. Like cotton, Tencel is made from plant materials. However, manufacturing Tencel requires less energy & water than cotton. The solvents used to turn the wood pulp into fiber are contained in a closed loop system, with a quoted recovery rate of 99%. As a naturally derived fiber, Tencel is also biodegradable. Although it is dyed conventionally (which can be harmful to the environment), Tencel requires a lot less dye than cotton. The manufacturers are actively striving towards greener, cleaner, more efficient production and are currently investing in new renewable energy sources.
Sold by the Yard. Width: 60 in.

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