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Kitchen Cloth


Redecker’s child-sized cleaning cloth is made from sturdy unbleached cotton and is the perfect size for your like house keeping helper! Woven from 70% cotton, 30% towel yarn. Made in Germany. Size: approx. 40 x 40 cm

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About the Merchant

Simple but well-crafted kitchen towels that can absorb any liquid in the kitchen, made of soft 100% cotton. Great for drying dishes, wiping up spills, or as a hand towel.

This is roughly the size of a cloth napkin, making it ideal to replace paper napkins or paper towels.

Made in Germany

Materials: cotton

Specifications: small: 15" x 17"; large: 23" x 31"

Burstenhaus Redecker | Versmold, Germany | Est. 1935

The first handcrafted Burstenhaus Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. Today, the name Burstenhaus Redeckers stands as it has for many years for an ideal combination of natural quality, function, and design. It lives from the blend of inventiveness, sound craftsmanship, and creativity. Handcrafted in Germany, Burstenhaus Redecker products are made of domestic, natural, sustainable wood, bristles, hairs, and plant fibers. Steeped in tradition, Redecker is synonymous with time-tested quality.