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Utensil Holder


Metal Kitchen Caddy Organizer with Wooden Handle, For Gardening BBQ and Cleaning Supplies — A practical, simple solution to staying organized on the go

With the black Redecker Metal Kitchen Caddy Organizer with Wooden Handle, you’ll never run out of uses. Store cleaning supplies, use it to hold kitchen utensils, keep your seasonings and sauces in place at a BBQ, take tools to the garden, and so much more with the durable, lightweight caddy. The wooden handle makes it easy to carry your items without causing your hands to cramp. While one side is completely open, the other half is divided into three (3) separate compartments that gives you plenty of options for storage space.

• NOT JUST FOR THE KITCHEN: Hold sauces and tools for a BBQ, carry gardening supplies, organize cleaning materials, or neatly display cooking utensils
• LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY: Strong enough to haul your goods but light enough to be practical for everyday use
• SPACIOUS ORGANIZATION: A full length compartment on one side and three (3) tight-fitting dividers on the other side let you easily sort and store items
• COMFORTABLE HANDLE: Ergonomic wooden handle fits snugly into your hand for full control and support as you travel
• DETAILS & DIMENSIONS: Measures 10-5/8″ x 7-1/2″ x 5-1/8″; tinplate construction is food-safe; black

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About the Merchant

Our utensil holder can be used in many ways. Whether it’s for cleaning supplies, as a kitchen utensil holder, a sauce and cutlery basket at barbecues, or for taking gardening tools to the vegetable patch. Simple, sturdy, lightweight and practical; with tight-fitting dividers on one side and a larger, full-length compartment on the other.

Black metal, with wooden handle Size: 10”x 7” x 5”