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Caviar Spoon Individual


Bespoke, designer mother of pearl caviar spoons to preserve the flavor of Roe’s signature American white sturgeon caviar. The highlight of any holiday spread. Sold invidually.

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About the Merchant

Roe Caviar | Northern California, USA | Est. 2015

ROE Caviar is sustainably farmed American white sturgeon caviar, stylishly packaged to be as visually appealing as it is delectable. Harvested from a Northern Californian farm, ROE caviar is salted for one month to ensure freshness while simultaneously enhancing and enriching its flavor. The end result is a caviar that is exceptionally fresh with buttery, briny, and nutty undertones. ROE abides by the core ethos to “make caviar fun, modern and accessible to all, 365 days/year.”