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Ice bag


Ideal for treating headaches and inflammation. Fill the ice bag with ice cubes or ice water and place the bag for relief. Ice bag is covered with cloth material and can be hand washed. Ice bag is flexible and fits to any body contour. Ideally suited for tooth aches, tooth extractions, or icing any muscular strain or injury. For heat therapy fill the bag with warm water and apply directly to affected area.

Diameter: 12.5 cm

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Sanger | Schrozberg, Germany | Est. 1983

Founded in 1983 by the couple Sanger, Sanger GmbH is headquartered in Schrozberg, Baden-Wurttemberg with raw material plants in Germany and Asia. Thanks to a vertically-integrated supply chain from raw material to final production of consumer goods, Sanger products come out of one hand with clinical precision and quality control. Sanger is known worldwide for reliable, German-made homecare, personal care, and medical-grade cleaning supplies & products.

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