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Sir | Madam’s Grand Wooden Salad Servers are hand-carved in the same South Indian State of Karnataka as our Baker’s Dozen Wooden Spoons, our Beechwood Salad Servers come in two impressive sizes, this being the larger of the two.. The production helps to fund a school for girls that has provided an education for more than 25,000 and counting in a region that traditionally only educated boys, and the daughters of the artisans we partner with are all provided with the opportunity to attend. Features 1 set of salad servers. Handmade in India by artisans from sustainably-forested beechwood.

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Sir/Madam | New York City, New York, USA | Est. 2001

The brainchild of Jesse James and Kostas Anagnopoulos — the founders of New York design thinktank Aesthetic Movement —  Sir/Madam was launched in homage to their grandmother's cupboards. The collections have a strong focus on domesticity and entertaining, and evoke classic motifs and historical references in an easy, modern way. All products are designed to be timeless, touched by the hand using traditional artisan methods, and to marry well with a range of styles in today's eclectic interiors.

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