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Board Cover 1800


Deluxe ironing board cover in pure cotton with integrated padded flannel. Adjustable closure with PVC cord and fastener. Made from Grey and White cotton fabric locally-sourced from the Ancona region of France and produced by master Italian artisans. Suitable replacement for Aris ironing boards models: Compacstir 801, Multistir 803, Regolstir 804.

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Aris | Monsano, Ancona, Italy | Est. 2018

Remodelista raves that Aris epitomizes “Quality-Crafted, Old-Fashioned Wooden Goods with Utilitarian Purpose and Italian-made style.” Aris identifies themselves as Italian makers of “valets and trouser presses, closet hangers, trolleys and carts, step ladders, clothes drying racks and racks, garments racks, and luggage racks.” Their product offerings tastefully embody an old-fashioned hotelier aesthetic (and, usefully, small space-friendly profiles). Aris proclaims wood the most suitable material to bring liveliness, color, and intimacy to the home to create a comfortable ambience and refined aesthetic. Indeed, their wood-based artisan products crafted by Italian master woodworkers achieve precisely that purpose.

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Weight 17.9 oz
Dimensions 13.1 × 8.6 × 4.2 in