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Bee’s Wrap Single Large Wrap


An easy, everyday solution to replace plastic wrap and keep food fresh. Put the bestselling large beeswax food wrap to work covering bowls and pie dishes or store leafy greens, fresh herbs, cabbage and carrots.

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About the Merchant

The sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. Made from 100% organic cotton & responsibly harvested beeswax. The eco-friendly, organic solution to reducing your plastic wrap waste in the kitchen.

Warm hands softens the wrap to create the seal. Great for sandwiches, cheese, snacks & bread.

Washable, lasts up to 1 year.

13” X 14”

Care: Wash in COOL water with mild soap. Let air dry. With regular use, Bee’s Wrap lasts one year or longer. Not recommended for raw meat.

Washable. Reusable. Fully biodegradable.

Made in VT by a certified B Corp.