/ / / Straw Bike Hat Helmet Cover- Medium 21.5-22.5”

Straw Bike Hat Helmet Cover- Medium 21.5-22.5”


All style. No sweat. Our Straw Hat Bike Helmet is a contemporary interpretation of vintage style updated for the sensation seeking modern wearer. The Straw Hat Bike Helmet is two separate components: the YAKKAY Smart 2 bike helmet (a Danish designed helmet) and the Bike Pretty Straw Hat cover.
Century old millinery techniques created to ensure elegant finishings combine with the high tech materials necessary to turn this classic hat style into a practical bicycle accessory.

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In 2012, after much encouragement from Jonathan, her boyfriend-at-the-time and current husband, Melissa Davies began taking selfies of my bike-riding outfits and posting them to my website. Thus Bike Pretty the blog was born. One day, while ranting about the lack of bike helmets people actually wanted to wear, Jonathan asked the question that changed Bike Pretty forever:“what if we open our own helmet shop on-line?” In 2014, we started with a small order of hat-style helmets from Europe. After a couple of slow weeks/months, they got a lucky break in the local paper and the business has been steadily growing ever since. Anyone can Bike Pretty! We never know what we’ll encounter on a ride, but we know we’ll look ever so charming in the photos. 😉