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Medium Birkin Basket 9”X15”


Our popular Jane Birkin round wicker basket with lid, as seen on instagram, Portugal fashion streets and Vogue magazine. Bonjor Coco’s wicker baskets are light, airy and charmingly functional. They are handcrafted using natural local straw with a detachable lid.

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Birkin Baskets x Bonjour Coco | Porto, Portugal | Est. 2015

These Jane Birkin-inspired original Birkin Baskets are all hand made in Portugal, sourced from the same small Portuguese fishing village where Birkin first found her own. Handcrafted by an older generation of artisans, each basket and take up to 3 days to make each one. It is an art that has been slowly dying due to very few artisans making these baskets. Bonjour Coco, founded by Coco Heavey, 28, supports and works directly with the local craftsmen by keeping this beautiful tradition alive. The artisans we work with are true artists and perfectionists with their work, making sure that every detail is perfectly finished. The founder, herself, grew up in a fishing village on the Southern tip of Portugal, where the baskets were likewise used haul the day’s catch in from the ocean—silvery sardines and octopuses, their tentacles spilling over the top. “They are fishing baskets, the exact same basket that Jane Birkin used to wear,” Heavey says. “But when I went down and got one for myself, it was better than I expected—handcrafted to perfection.”