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Cedar Wood Shaving soap


Wonderfully lathering shaving soap with the scent of cedarwood and hints of fennel and patchouli from natural essential oils. The soap forms a rich lather and contains almond oil to make skin soft, smooth, and supple. Wet the shaving brush and work the shaving soap into a lather then apply to the face. The bar can be used in your existing shaving cup, or as a refill in Iris Hantverk’s Concrete Shaving Cup. Use with Iris Hantverk’s Walnut and Badger Shaving Brush for best results. Handmade in Estonia.

Size: 6 cm / 2.4 in, 2 cm / 0.8 in diameter

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About the Merchant

Iris Hantverk | Stockholm, Sweden | Est. 1870

Since 1889 Iris Hantverk brushes are hand-made by master craftsmen, utilizing Environmentally & socially sustainable FSC-certified Swedish hardwoods with animal hair & plant fiber bristle brushes. Devoted to quality + craft, their artisans make the brushes according to age-old Swedish traditions. Further, with a commitment to equal opportunity employment, 6 of their 17 master craftsmen are visually impaired + they regularly train + hire the visually disabled to craft their brushes and cognitively disabled to create their breadboxes as full-time, paid employees & apprentices alongside their expert craftsmen.

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Weight 2.398589065 oz
Dimensions 2.358 × 2.751 × 0.786 in