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Wood Pin Hair Brush


This firm and sturdy wooden hair brush is gentle on hair while also giving a soothing massage to the scalp. Crafted with oil-treated beech wood and wooden pin bristles. Beechwood is safe to clean and will not crack after washing. This hair brush is perfect for long and thick hair. The brush measures approximately 8.7 x 1.8 x 1.4″. Made in Sweden. Please note, each brush has a small hole on the surface. Although the hole may appear to be a missing bristle. However, this opening is intentional and is required for air flow.

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Hair brush in beech wood and wooden pins. The pins are attached to a cushion made of natural rubber. There is an air hole on the cushion that allows the air to circulate. The brush is gentle to hair and gives a soothing massage of the scalp. Suitable for long and thick hair.

Made in Sweden