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The Nogent Vitecaille French fish scaler and knife is a 3 in 1 utensil to remove scales, cut the fins and open and empty the fish with its patented shape. Stainless steel fishscaler with a serrated blade makes for easy removal of fish scales. Ergonomic wooden handle suits right and left-handed users alike. Sharpened & curved double-serrated stainless steel blade for opening the fish and cutting off the fins. Unique V-shaped blade tip enables easy gutting and cleaning of the inside of the fish without any hand contact. Recommended by commercial and hobbyist fishermen, alike. The hornbeam, slow dried, wood handle come from managed forests in France and is so hard that it is dishwasher safe.

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Nogent | Champagne, France | Est. 1923

The Nogent factory was founded in 1923 by Mr. Louis André a skilled French craftsman in the Champagne village of Biesles. An area steeped in history where the tradition of manufacturing knives has been carried out since the middle ages. The "Nogent" name is well respected and identified as a manufacturer of high quality products. The factory sources the best quality raw materials such as beveled steel, with a high percentage of carbon and molybdenum. The production methods are honed by years of experience. For instance, all blades are hand ground and only solid natural hornbeam wood that has been dried for one year at the factory is used in their Classic Wood styles. All the wood used in production comes from managed sustainable sources. Nogent manufactures all its products in its own factory. All the production steps are quality controlled by long term and experienced personnel, which guarantees reliable products designed for longevity and a lifetime of use. 42 successive operations in ten different workshops are required to produce one knife or kitchen utensil worthy of the Nogent name. Nogent guarantees "made in France" quality for a lifetime of use.

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