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Fermenting Basket, Oval Large


Large oval fermenting basket, holds up to 1500g. Great for making traditional European-style breads. Give your homemade breads even more appeal by creating an attractive coil pattern in the dough. Woven baskets are great for making traditional European-style breads at home. Simply dust the basket with flour, place the dough in the banneton and let it rise before baking to get a beautiful design imprinted right in the dough. Made of natural cane. To give your homemade bread shape & structure, let the dough rise in a well-floured fermenting basket. In this way it retains its shape, is supplied with sufficient oxygen & makes your bread especially light & airy. Made in Germany. Hand-crafted from Rattan Reed. Size: 42.5 cm.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 16.7 × 7.83 × 3.3 in