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Red Kitchen Twine


Food-safe red kitchen twine for tying poultry, roasts, or authentic German rouladen. The flax or linen fiber is obtained from the stems of the flax plant. Our kitchen twines are extremely resistant to tearing and also safe to use with food. Red & white colored twine also makes a handy gift-wrapping accessory for the holidays. Made from 100% sustainably-harvested flax. Includes 120 meters / 400 ft of twine.

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Twine – yet another kitchen tool you don't realize the usefulness of until you have it around. Most obviously employed for tying up roasts and trussing chickens, it also comes in handy for sealing sacks of flour and tying up herbs for drying. Finds frequent use outside the kitchen for various creative household fixes too – an all-around good item to always have on

Wooden stand is also available in single or five-fold.

As an entirely natural product, twine is compostable after each use.

Made in Poland.

Burstenhaus Redecker | Versmold, Germany | Est. 1935

The first handcrafted Burstenhaus Redecker brushes were produced in 1935. Today, the name Burstenhaus Redeckers stands as it has for many years for an ideal combination of natural quality, function, and design. It lives from the blend of inventiveness, sound craftsmanship, and creativity. Handcrafted in Germany, Burstenhaus Redecker products are made of domestic, natural, sustainable wood, bristles, hairs, and plant fibers. Steeped in tradition, Redecker is synonymous with time-tested quality.

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