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Black Enamel Spoon


Prepare and consume your dishes in peak Japanese style with this minimalistic, elegant handmade enamelware spoon. The smooth black kitchen essential not only has a timeless and chic look but also remarkably durable and long-lasting. Produced by Elfin Takakuwa, est. 1961, founded in Tsubame City of Niigata Prefecture, an area that was traditionally noted for its metalware. In modern times, Tsubame is known for its production of tableware and cutlery which Takakuwa is specialized in. They are dedicated to exploring new possibilities of metal crafting with focuses on solid, high quality, and well-designed cutlery. Handmade from enamel coated steel in Niigata, Japan.
Note: Every piece is handcrafted individually. Unevenness in glaze or color is not defective. There might be small holes to allow gas to escape on certain models so the air can escape during firing. The little bubbles are part of the enameling process.

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