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Elfin enamel measuring cups in 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml sizes manufactured by Hatsukoi Home. A cute design can still be practical! This lovely kitchen utensil has both form and function and is too pretty to be stuck in a drawer. In durable white enamel, these straight sided metal enamel measuring cup is great for both dry and liquid ingredients. Use it for measuring out and adding ingredients while you cook, like flour, grains, sugar and rice as well as liquids such as stock, egg, oil or cream. The enamel products in this range are handmade by craftsmen in the city of Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Some items show the marks of the crafting process, for example where they have been hung in the ovens, which gives them an individual appearance without impairing the quality.

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Saikai | Made in Japan, Curated in LA | Est. 1991

Established in 1991 in Los Angeles California, SAIKAI introduced Arita-yaki fine porcelain ware to retailers across the United States. Over the years, SAIKAI's focus has shifted to well-designed lifestyle products that were created by Japanese master craftsmen and designers throughout Japan. Their partnership with these artists have allowed them to curate and offer a variety of aesthetically modern Japanese, yet timelessly designed products while providing up-and-coming artists a path to market.

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