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This Japanese tape dispenser is crafted from Japanese oak with a vegetable oil finish and handmade by artisans who painstakingly & meticulously hand-carve the product from a single block of Japanese oak wood. Produced by artisans in Takayama, Japan, where the woodcraft heritage has existed for over 1,300 years. A sustainably-produced good from our merchant partner Oak Village, a woodcrafts company with an aim to build a sustainable society in which humans and the surrounding environment not only co-exist but also evolve symbiotically. Their studio is in the woods of By combining centuries-old Japanese woodcraft techniques with cutting-edge sustainable foresting practices, Oak Village strives to create products that last as long as possible while subtracting as little from the environment as possible.
They steadfastly the usage of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials in their products so that when they are no longer usable in their original form, they may be recycled or returned to the earth. Furthering their dedication to sustainability, Oak Village established an NPO called Acorn Club (Donguri no Kai) in 1981 —  in an effort to ensure the health and diversity of surrounding forests — which plants and maintains broad-leaved forests with the help of volunteers. Members of the organization nurture over 30,000 saplings every year, plant them in various places in Japan and look after the forests. Maximum compatible tape width: 25mm

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Saikai | Made in Japan, Curated in LA | Est. 1991

Established in 1991 in Los Angeles California, SAIKAI introduced Arita-yaki fine porcelain ware to retailers across the United States. Over the years, SAIKAI's focus has shifted to well-designed lifestyle products that were created by Japanese master craftsmen and designers throughout Japan. Their partnership with these artists have allowed them to curate and offer a variety of aesthetically modern Japanese, yet timelessly designed products while providing up-and-coming artists a path to market.

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