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All Purpose Spray with Marseille Soap


Fragranced with the scent of Provencial olive, thoroughly removes dirt & grease from all washable surfaces. Allergen free, carcinogenic free, mutagenic, reprotoxic substances (CMR) free. Free of Mutagens are carcinogens that cause cancer, as well as CMR Carcinogenic, Mutagenic & Reprotoxic chemicals abbreviated as CMP make up the first & most toxic category of the toxicity classes. Founded in 1856, Fer A Chevalier still uses the same cauldron-based method.

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Savonnerie Fer a Cheval | Marseille, France | Est. 1856

Vegetable oil, soda, salt & water: the 162-year-old, 4-ingredient soap beloved throughout France. In 19th century Marseille, hundreds of mom & pop manufacturers produced the town's iconic product — soap. Toay, Fer a Cheval remains the oldest Marseille soap factory to perpetuate its production using the age-old, 4-ingredient, 5-step recipe. The week-long process begins in a cauldron and ends with a taste test by a master soap maker. Their signature soap is pure, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and economical.

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