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Medium Paper Star


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About the Merchant

Watt & Veke | Eskilstuna, Sweden | Est. 1998

Watt & Veke is a Swedish lighting manufacturer specializing in interior and lighting. With a mission to brighten up our lives with lighting solutions, the Swedish design firm manufactures lighting solutions and lampshades that are at once innovative and classic. Their designs evoke rustic idyl and industrial design. Inspired by travels, trends, and everyday life, Watt & Veke create amazing lighting solutions rooting in the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity.

Handmade from 100% paper, there is a measure of hard work behind every Watt & Veke paper star; work by the person who carefully folds and glues the star’s tips by hand, and work by the factory owner who maintains quality and updates the processes in manufacturing. Delivered in a gift box, perfect for storage to keep the star in good condition year after year. The star is beautiful with or without lighting.