/ / / Yakkay Smart 2 Bike Helmet- Medium 21.5-22.5”

Yakkay Smart 2 Bike Helmet- Medium 21.5-22.5”


YAKKAY Smart Two bicycle helmets unite safety and style. You can wear the elegant, cool helmet whether you bike, skate or run a scooter. You can change the helmet’s strap colour, and you can supply the helmet with our stylish hat and cap covers.

You can change both the strap colour and covers on your Smart Two helmet. That makes it possible for you to buy one helmet and straps in different colours and more hat and cap covers thereby obtaining different personal looks and styles.

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About the Merchant

A light weight helmet that looks great on its own or covered with our stylish straw hat.

Dial-a-fit system and adjustable straps let your fine-tune fit for comfort and safety

Includes additional pads. The YAKKAY Smart 2 is a best-in-class bike helmet featuring a slim profile, light weight, and understated elegance.

US CPSC and EN 1078 certified safe for use as a bicycle helmet in the US and EU.


In 2012, after much encouragement from Jonathan, her boyfriend-at-the-time and current husband, Melissa Davies began taking selfies of my bike-riding outfits and posting them to my website. Thus Bike Pretty the blog was born. One day, while ranting about the lack of bike helmets people actually wanted to wear, Jonathan asked the question that changed Bike Pretty forever:“what if we open our own helmet shop on-line?” In 2014, we started with a small order of hat-style helmets from Europe. After a couple of slow weeks/months, they got a lucky break in the local paper and the business has been steadily growing ever since. Anyone can Bike Pretty! We never know what we’ll encounter on a ride, but we know we’ll look ever so charming in the photos. 😉