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Remodelista raves: “Cuban Mop The Cuban Mop: The Near Perfect Cleaning Tool You’ve Never Heard of.” Until now, that is. Try out our traditional Cuban wood mop, like the ones used in Havana and Miami for centuries. All this time later, they’re still the best way to clean your floors. As the name suggests, the Cuban mop enjoys widespread use in Cuba, as well as other parts of the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. Simply crafted, it consists of two poles, often wood, assembled to form an inverted T. To use, one folds any small towel over the end to create a mop head. A Cuban mop can be used wet or dry.Includes 25” x 25” cotton mop cloth with order.

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Cuban Food Market | Little Havana, Miami | Est. 1996

Cuban Food Market was established in 1996 when the Internet was making its way into retailing and wholesaling Online. Since their founding, their operating philosophy is that they are in business to make a just profit and to remunerate local staff with honorable wages and growth opportunities, while still offering customers top quality products, door-delivered, at the lowest prices, the best in Cuban hospitality & customer service. The Cuban Food Market carries over 3000 Cuban specialties, from novel Cuban breads to Guayaberas to the best in Cuban music, books, and dominos. Today, they serve thousands of clients worldwide, from Little Havana to across the globe.


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