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Swedish Hose, White Snake


Unpredictable and fierce, you don’t come across a hose like this everyday. One would think that a piece like this was almost extinct, but luckily- we got you covered. This entirely white garden hose is a true work of art, that not only eases your lawns thirst, but your craving for a stylish hose that does your house justice. These deluxe hoses are of highest quality and go perfectly with all of Garden Glory’s nozzles & wall mounts. Give this gorgeous work of art a prime spot in your garden.

The knitting reinforcement around the inner tube makes the hoses pliable and non kinking. The plastic surface is dirt repellent & UV protected to prevent bleaching from sun exposure, so your garden hose will keep its perfect color for years & years. All hoses are made of PVC & free of lead, cadmium & phthalates. Hoses are 65′ long, if you need longer buy 2 and the extension connector is included in the nozzle sets. Hoses come without fittings so you need to add your choice of Garden Glory nozzle sets when ordering a Garden Glory hose.

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Weight 142 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 14 in