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Petite, perfectly- shaped bok choy heads for spring & fall. Baby bok choy is one of the most versatile crops of the garden. It grows exceptionally quickly, tolerates both cold & heat, and can be sown in succession for crops nearly all season long. The swooping, vase-shaped base form a beautiful whorl of thick green petioles- softening to a sweet, ambrosial flesh when cooked. Enjoy them all season: infant choy herald the start of spring; thick-petioled bunches grill beautifully in mid-summer; and toddler boks perk up in the chill of fall. Certified organic. Non-GMO, open pollinated seeds. Seed count: 200. Seed package design by Amy Cheng
Growing: Direct sow 4 weeks before last frost, or sow under protection 8-10 weeks before last frost; continue through August. Will form baby heads at 6in spacing, but if given 12-24in you’ll get much larger plants. Harvest by cutting the entire head at the base. Requires ample water and fertile soil. Spring crop will bolt; harvest promptly! Fall crop will not; harvest at your own pace.

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Hudson Valley Seed Company | Accord, New York, USA | Est. 2004
Hudson Valley Seed Company is committed to growing organically, sourcing locally and sustainably, and preserving crop diversity by selecting unique, rare, and hard-to-find varieties. A values-driven seed farm celebrating responsible seed production and stewardship from the grounds of their certified organic farm in upstate New York where they produce heirloom and open-pollinated garden seeds, paired w/ beautiful garden-themed contemporary art-adorned packaging to stoke your horticultural imagination. We exclusively stock these limited release “Art Packs.”

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