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Pink Rose Tree Strand, Each


Faux flowers garland in light pink roses included.

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About the Merchant

Ohh Darling Designs | United Kingdom | Est. 2019

The tree swing has always been a favorite childhood toy, especially for Barbara, the UK-based maker + custom playroom designer behind the Etsy-adored Ohh Darling Designs shop from which she peddles her handmade, Scandinavian minimalism-inspired tree swings.  It was designed with children in mind for all ages swing lovers :)The main idea of the design is the ‘less is more’. This concept gives us a pinch of objectivity, simplicity and elegance. The swing, through its original design, will perfectly fit into all kinds of interiors — or outside. This wooden swing is made to order and it’s 100% handmade — from oak wood + 100% natural jute or white cotton rope, twisted with no synthetic or artificial add-ons. The Oak Wood will mature and darken gradually, deepening to perfection over time. The natural integrity of solid wood ensures durability while the oak’s strong grain adds character to any room or garden.