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Kaico 2.6L Pot


Designed to be durable enough to last for a lifetime, the Kaico collection is an enduring classic that blends function and thoughtful Japanese design. This lidded pan is part of the award-winning Kaico series of cookware. Made with a semi-gloss enamel coated exterior, the pan is durable and heat retaining, yet easy to wash. Thermal efficient, the simple enamel pan heats quickly on a stovetop and is easy to use and clean. The milk pan is neutral enough to coordinate with an existing collection of pots and pans, and can also be used with other Kaico enamelware products to give a cohesive, minimalist look to kitchen cookware.
Designed by Makoto Koizumi, whose works are collected in museums the world over, such as MoMA, V&A, Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. Produced by Kaico, a furniture designer known for ‘monozukuri’ (making things), and crafted by skilled Japanese artisans. Kaico offers aesthetically pleasing enamelware in stylish shapes. The contrast between the fresh white of the enamel & the natural look of the light-colored beechwood make the brand’s simple yet modern designs brim with personality. Leaving behind the conventional notions of enamelware, Kaico presents this highly functional material in a new light: as interior decor. The Kaico series won the 2006 Good Design Award. Note: Not for dishwasher or microwave. Hand wash only. Works on gas, electric & induction stoves.

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Saikai | Made in Japan, Curated in LA | Est. 1991

Established in 1991 in Los Angeles California, SAIKAI introduced Arita-yaki fine porcelain ware to retailers across the United States. Over the years, SAIKAI's focus has shifted to well-designed lifestyle products that were created by Japanese master craftsmen and designers throughout Japan. Their partnership with these artists have allowed them to curate and offer a variety of aesthetically modern Japanese, yet timelessly designed products while providing up-and-coming artists a path to market.

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